cyberspace operations consulting, inc.

CyberSpace Operations Consulting provides responsive, objective consulting for successful concept development, systems engineering, innovation actualization, and related intelligence support that will transition new capabilities to national security operations.

Cyber ● Space ● Intel ● Unmanned Aerial Systems

CyberSpace Operations Consulting specializes in providing guidance across the following specialties:

  • Technical Consulting
    • From basic physics to operational wargame support
    • Science, Engineering, and Technical Assistance
    • Physics and engineering analysis for operational support

  • Operational Consulting
    • Valued advisor on topics from distributed mission operations to kinetic/non-kinetic effects integration

  • Business Development Consulting
    • Strong government and industry experience to help you identify customers, market segments, and opportunities to grow

  • Counter Intelligence Support
    • Conducting ploygraph examinations, and other support

  • Senior Consultant Advice
    • Access to unique, valued advice from those used to making senior-level decisions
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